US Visa Hong Kong
If your US visa application has been denied by the US Embassy Hong Kong or you are applying for the first time, you may want to consider hiring professional assistance in preparing your US visa application.

US Visa Hong Kong has many years of experience successfully assisting individuals and businesses with their US visa applications at the US Embassy Hong Kong.

Visa Application Service

US Visa Hong Kong provides US visa application services at the US Embassy Hong Kong to residents of Hong Kong.

Our visa application service is provided in English language via email correspondence, scanned document attachments, phone consultations and online chat.

Our US visa application service generally consists of the following:
  • Provide simplified forms for collecting required information;
  • Review applicant’s information to ensure it is complete;
  • Provide list of supporting documents in English;
  • Regular telephone and email support to answer your questions; 
  • Complete US visa application forms;
  • Revise US visa application forms after review by the applicant;
  • Prepare invitation letters, employment letters and / or cover letters; 
  • Assistance scheduling the interview at the US Embassy Hong Kong;
  • Provide detailed instructions for submitting application forms to the US Embassy Hong Kong;
  • Conference call prior to interview at the US Embassy Hong Kong to discuss supporting documents and interview procedures; 
  • Assistance preparing additional supporting documents if requested by the US Embassy Hong Kong; and
  • Assistance promptly preparing a 2nd application if the 1st application is not approved by the US Embassy Hong Kong.
Our US visa application service does NOT include the following:
  • Translation of foreign language documents to English; or
  • Accompanying applicant to the US Embassy Hong Kong.

Service Fees

Our service fees to assist with preparing US visa applications are set out below and do NOT include the US Embassy Hong Kong or other government fees.

Visitor Visas

B1 Business Visa - $350
B2 Tourist Visa - $350
C1 Transit Visa - $350
D1 Crew Visa - $350
F1 Student Visa - $350
J1 Exchange Visa - $350
Q1 Exchange Visa - $350
M1 Vocational Visa - $350
Extension of Stay - $350

Family Visas

K1 Fiancee Visa - $1,500
CR1 Spouse Visa - $1,500
IR1 Spouse Visa - $1,500
CR2 Child Visa - $1,500
IR2 Child Visa - $1,500
IR5 Parent Visa - $1,500
F1A Family Visa - $1,500
F2A Family Visa - $1,500
F2B Family Visa - $1,500
F3 Family Visa - $1,500
F4 Family Visa - $1,500
IR3 Adoption Visa - $1,500
IR4 Adoption Visa - $1,500
Special Family Visas - $1,500

Work Visas

B1 Temporary Work Visa - $750
B1 Domestic Employee Visa - $750
EB1 Employment Visa - $2,000
EB2 Employment Visa - $2,000
EB3 Employment Visa - $2,000
EB4 Employment Visa - $2,000
H1B Work Visa - $2,000
H1B1 Singaporean Visa - $2,000
H1B1 Chilean Visa - $2,000
H1B2 DOD Visa - $2,000
H1B3 Fashion Model Visa - $2,000
H1C Nurse Visa - $2,000
H3 Trainee Visa - $2,000
E3 Australian Visa - $2,000
H2A Agriculture Visa - $2,000
H2B Labor Visa - $2,000
L1 Transfer Visa - $2,000
O1 Extraordinary Visa - $2,000
P1 Athletes Visa - $2,000
P1 Entertainers Visa - $2,000
P2 Artists Visa - $2,000
P2 Entertainers Visa - $2,000
P3 Artists Visa - $2,000
A Diplomat Visa - $2,000
I1 Media Visa - $2,000
R1 Religion Visa - $2,000
National Interest Waiver - $2,000
Special Work Visa - $2,000
Self-Petition Work Visa - $2,000
G1 Organization Visa - $2,000
G2 Organization Visa - $2,000
G3 Organization Visa - $2,000
G4 Organization Visa - $2,000
TN NAFTA Visa - $2,000
Employment Authorization Document (EAD) - $350

Investor Visas

E1 Investor Visa - $2,000
E2 Investor Visa - $2,000
EB5 Investor Visa - $5,000
L1 Investor Visa - $2,000

Other Visas

SB1 Resident Visa - $1,500
S Informant Visa - $1,500
T1 Trafficking Visa - $1,500
Asylum - $1,500
Refugee Visa - $1,500
Other Immigrant Visas - $1,500
Adjustment of Status - $1,500
Removal of Conditions - $350
Naturalization - $350
Waiver of Inadmissibility - $350
Advance Parole - $350
Reentry Permit - $350

Contract & Payment Terms


We require a 50% deposit for cases costing $1,500 or more or payment in full for cases costing $750 or less.

We will provide a receipt promptly upon confirmation of payment by the client.

In the course of providing US visa application services, we will NOT:
  • State or imply that the person can or will obtain special favors from or has special influence with the US Embassy Hong Kong or any other governmental authority;
  • Threaten to report the client to the US Embassy Hong Kong or other governmental authorities, or undermine in any way the client's attempt to secure a US visa;
  • Demand any fees or compensation for services not performed;
  • Fail to provide a client with copies of documents filed with the US Embassy Hong Kong or other governmental entity;
  • Refuse to return original documents upon the request of the client or upon termination of the contract that were supplied by, prepared on behalf of, or paid for by the client.
  • Assume, use or advertise the title of lawyer or attorney at law, or equivalent terms in the English language or any other language, or represent or advertise other titles or credentials that could cause a client to believe that the person possesses special professional skills or is authorized to provide advice on an immigration matter; 
  • Give any legal advice concerning an immigration matter or otherwise engage in the practice of law;
  • Represent that a fee may be charged, or charge a fee for the distribution, provision or submission of any official document or form issued or promulgated by a state or federal governmental entity, or for a referral of the client to another person or entity that is qualified to provide services or assistance which the US visa application service provider will not provide; or
  • Disclose any information to or file any forms or documents with the US Embassy Hong Kong or other authorities without the knowledge or consent of the client.